Monday, May 25, 2009

First catfish of the year!

I did get my boat in the river on the 22 nd. Put my lines in the water at 08:00 ,had a bite at 08:10. Hooked into my fish at around 08:25. A nice 6.5 pound channel cat 24 inches long. That catfish really tore into the smelly old shad I was using for bait. That fish gave me a great fight, took some effort to get the net on it since I was by myself. Tried 2 other spots down river but no bites at all. I returned to my 1st stop, had more bites and missed setting the hook on another fish. It was just getting too hot for me so headed back to the ramp around 12:30. It was good to finally get a line in the water, and I got some reward for the effort.

I intend to get back on the river at least one time during the next week. Hope to get out with my fishing pal to see if we can get him a catfish the same size or even bigger. Tight lines.

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  1. I cannot imagine living somewhere we I was limited to fishing only during certain times of the year. We are fortunate in Texas to have 24/7 year around fishing.

    I might be heading up that way this Summer to visit some relatives that moved up there. I might look you up and see if you want to wet a line.

    Chad Ferguson