Sunday, May 10, 2009

No catfishing any time soon!

With the Ohio River around 44 ft., it will be at least a week before it is fishable. That is without anymore RAIN! I did get some positive feed back for my presentation on catfishing last Monday night.

So in the mean time I will be working on trying to sell some of the costume jewelry I have from collecting the past few years. Right now I am at the point of not being eager to even shop for anymore items since I have not been able to sell off at a profit the past year. I now know how to take much better photos of the items, so will keep trying to sell items via postings on collector groups and Craigs List. It has been very hard to locate folks that are interested in collecting costume jewelry; for those are the folks that I want to sell my items too. They have the knowledge of what the company names value of the items they produced. I just do NOT want to give the items away when they do have value per the research I read on those items.

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