Sunday, March 1, 2009

A NEWBIE at blogging!

I have 3 major hobbies or interests that are now interconnect via the Internet. First is my fishing for catfish on the Ohio river around downtown Cincinnati. The 2Nd is acquiring collectible costume jewelry for resale. The 3rd is have web sites covering these two topics. That is how to generate more traffic to those sites. Trying to learn ways to get revenues off the pages some how,etc.

The cat fishing page is my main site at my shopping page is where I have the pages about collecting my jewelry items. I am trying to see how to use this blog to update the pages .

I will need to keep with different technical matters about blogging ,using camcorder to make videos to up load to YouTube etc. So hopeful as time goes on I will a better understanding
of the various learning curves of being on the information highway.

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