Saturday, March 28, 2009

bad week for my web pages

Well my B.A.N.S. pages are NOT being pickup by e-bay as I had believed. Somehow E-bay Partner Network rejected my request to join. Some how the e-bay ads did get placed on my Build a Niche store pages. When I sent a e-mail about it e-bay painter network said I had been rejected but it is not their policy to to say WHY anything is rejected. Until I can get accepted those pages are not generating any income. The Google search engine did something as well. My catfishing page was in the top 10 spot for the keyword catfishing for weeks. Then on Monday it just is no longer to be found?? I have edited out the page to see if the new links to my b.a.n.s. pages was the reason. If Anyone has had similar problems with b.a.n.s. page let me know by e-mail how you were able to resolve that problem. Have a nice day.

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