Friday, March 6, 2009

still trying to figure this stuff out

Well it has been a couple days since I started this blogging stuff. As best i can tell i am the only person that has read my posting. Just have no idea as get people that read blog to check out what information I have to offer.
Here goes anyway. I intend to get my fishing boat flipped over onto my trailer. Put the two anchors and rope back in the boat. Try to firm up the bracket in the back of the boat to handle the stress of the motors vibration. Put some ex poxy on one of the bench seat supports to firm it up as well.

Saturday morning Planning on hitting a couple of church Bizarre sales for some costume jewelry. I did pick up some Emmit Kelly Jr. mini figurines at a thrift store the other day. My reference book on collectibles indicated I made a good buy.. Now the hard part is finding a buyer that is going to pay so I get a reasonable profit. If I take it to my local auction house I may be able to just make a buck or two in profit. Seems they never try get bids near the value of the good items. I do have a lady that operates an antique store. She does have a knowledge of the value of items. At least when I sell things to her the is NO seller fee to deal with as with the auction house.

Well that is it for now. Any helpful information as how to do this blogging better would be appreciated. Have a nice day.
If you are into on line shopping look up I have links off that page with INFORMATION on COLLECTING. Have a nice day

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